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Should You Let Your Child Play the Piano? What Are The Benefits?

Children’s brain develops much quicker than an adult. By the age of three, children’s brains can fire up to 15.000 connections per neuron, making their brains twice as active as an adult’s brain, thus helping them arrive at logical conclusions and solve problems much quicker than the average adults. Many parents noticed that their child is gifted and wants the best to help their brains develop even further.

Happy Child

One way to enrich your child’s cognitive abilities is by enrolling them in piano classes like Cristofori, a piano class singapore-based that has helped 80.000 parents enrich their child’s life with musical talents. Many parents have visions of their children achieving milestones in life and be successful, but the path to success is filled with challenges, and one’s child must be equipped with the proper life skills and training to achieve great heights, and playing the piano can benefit them.

So, what are the benefits of playing the piano for children? Let’s find out below:

The Piano Can Make Your Child Smarter

It doesn’t take much to learn how to play the piano, but being good at it needs years of dedication and hours of practice. It is no secret that playing any instrument can help develop cognitive abilities even if you are ripe with age. Playing the piano nonetheless is an effective way to keep your child’s brain active and sharp! Since playing the instrument requires the creative aspect of the left brain and the logical aspect of the right brain to work together to produce musical harmonies; naturally, your child will benefit much from their piano lessons, i.e., memory skills, problem-solving skills, logical, analytical thinking, language skills, and so on.

The Piano Can Make Your Child Creative

A creative child can be considered a god among men these days because social media and electronics are rotting children’s brains and turning them into lazy “unproductives”. Creativity is hard to come by, and it can be valued highly by the world. Do you know that a creative and original idea is worth billions of dollars? Take a look at Amazon, Apple, or Facebook and how they started with a creative idea to where they are at now in life! Not only that the piano can give your child logical thinking, but it can also provide your child with creativity and imagination to develop their ideas and be original in life! It truly is a wonderful life skill to have!

The Piano Can Improve Your Child’s Motor Skills


Some have exaggerated that playing the piano requires octopus’ limbs to be proficient. That is a testament to the difficulties of playing the piano since you would have to multitask by looking at the notes and signaling your hand to play them. Your child can benefit a lot from prominent motor skills as they grow and learn intuitively to be a successful and functioning member of society!

Playing the piano requires hand-eye-coordination, multitasking, and patience, but most importantly, is having the willingness to learn. You can help your child by setting them off on the path to musical greatness by introducing them to a piano teacher!

Reasons for Considering Learning with E-books

Today students rely a lot on technology since they can get it entangled in every part of the culture. We all know the importance of technology and how it affects our daily life. With wireless devices and mobile devices, students all over depend on technology to satisfy their appetite education and knowledge. In the e-book era, students can improve and change their learning and reading habits. Reputable academies use e-books to teach students. Below are some benefits of e-books.

Easy Response to Text

Every book will enhance the comprehension ability of young minds. E-books allow students to leave notes and questions about what they read. This implies students can reflect on their reading, boost their comprehension and confidence. These notes can be shared easily with classmates, and they can discuss their personal references. E-books offer students confidence by allowing them to respond to the text more easily irrespective of their level of education.

Offers Economic Advantages

E-books offer great economic advantages in school libraries and classes. This helps the system lower the amount of money that could have been used to procure hard copy texts and resources. They also offer considerable savings. Most students also declare the use of paper as an act of selfishness to the environment, making e-books ideal.

Motivation for Reading

Classes today look different than they were in the past, thanks to technological development. E-books motivate students to engage in reading and improve their skills. Students love the comfort and availability that e-books bring, and this makes them feel motivated and comfortable to read, thus improving their vocabulary and comprehension.

Using e-books is the ideal way of making students productive. They are also effective for bookmarking favorite chapters and taking quick searches. It also has different learning styles making it suitable for students who prefer watching videos or searching for diagrams.

Boost Confidence in Technology

Students all over the world can today engage with their best subjects and boost skills and confidence. Technological development has also considerably increased, so students have become self-taught. Using digital tools makes students feel more optimistic about their abilities and goals. They actively take part in various educational activities and enjoy the whole process. It has become one of the easiest ways in every educational system offering amazing portability.

Extra Support

E-books have encouraged the concept of online tutoring, which means more students can select online education from home. Online learning is currently the best solution for students who have limited possibilities or time to attend classes. The e-book helps teachers to offer their students the required resources irrespective of time and location. Students can use the voice-to-text feature of e-books to practice their target languages by listening to their best chapters.

Tips to Consider When Looking for a Music School

For many, music is more than just entertainment. Engaging in music-oriented activities such as playing the guitar, piano, or drums is not only fun but also therapeutic. Having a skill in playing musical instruments will help develop an individual’s confidence. The boost in confidence is one of the reasons parents are enthusiastic about enrolling their kids in music schools. If you’re looking for a music school, there are tips you have to consider. These tips will help make sure that you manage to select a reputable music school from the numerous options you have.

Check the Credentials

When looking for a school, make sure that your desired institution has a credible and stable faculty. The person enrolling in the institution should assure themselves that they are going to get equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge needed to get into the music sector. The institution is likely to be more productive if they feature a stable staff. If the institution does not provide credentials, you should reconsider your options.


Numerous things are going to determine the expenses that you are going to incur. One determiner is the location of the music school. If you are enrolling a child in s particular school, make sure that the distance from home is reasonable. Also, the school fees will determine which school options you have available. However, remember that an expensive institution doesn’t guarantee the best education.

Ask Necessary Questions

drawing board
Feel free to inquire about anything. The only way you can get answers to your concerns is by asking. Make sure to premeditate on the questions you will like to ask. This way, you know what to expect. Also, if you are having trouble locating a good music institution, ask friends or family members on some of their suggestions to help narrow your search.

When inquiring about a specific school, ask about the class size and materials available. It is best to look for a school with small classes. This is because a small class is easier to handle and guarantees that the students get the help they need.

The School’s Performance

Lastly, ask about the institution’s overall performance and progress. The longer an institution has been running, the more likely it’s a reputable one. This also means that the staff members have experience with various types of children of all ages.

Enrolling your kid in a music school is a wise investment that will prove worthy in your child’s future. If you want to find the best music school in your area, follow the guidelines in this article, and you will be safe.

Benefits of Homeschooling

The term homeschooling refers to an education program, primarily for kids under the age of ten, that takes place at home or other places depending on the preferences. Although studies have highlighted the importance of this system as part of children’s education, many parents still doubt the advantages that this system offers. Surprisingly, it is not the only reason why many parents disagree with homeschooling unless they have certain situations that do not allow the children to be out in public.

Many of those parents argue that socialization is a vital part of children’s development, making it crucial for them to send their kids to public schools. That way, they can make sure the children learn about social skills and adaptation. However, what many parents often fail to understand is that homeschooling also allows the children to be socially active. Although it may take a smaller portion compared to the system implemented at public schools, the fact that parents play a significant role in children’s mental and social development should not be ignored.

Excellent Education

The primary point of schools is to provide the students with the education they need. Fortunately, homeschooling also offers the same thing. Although it may be different when it comes to the place where the students can study, both systems pretty much offer similar goals, which is to educate the students. Surprisingly, reports state that homeschooling offers an excellent education, making it even more tempting to try. The same reports also explain that homeschooled kids tend to perform better on academic matters, such as tests or examinations. It is also the reason why colleges and universities are currently adjusting the regulations that aim to give homeschooled students more chance.

Balanced Interaction

What can one expect from a regular class where one teacher needs to manage more than thirty students? This question has been massively circulating among homeschooling practitioners, resulting in more questions about the success rates of conventional school systems. Different things happen in homeschooling where teachers can give their full attention to the students. In many cases, students have more chance to understand the subjects, and they also have more time to ask more questions. Another good point of this system is that it allows teachers to understand the students’ personality and interests. This way, they can immediately talk to their parents about their future.

Characteristics of Quality Education

Education is essential in our lives in that you get to learn a lot of things that will shape you into a better person. This can start at an early age of about 3 to 6 years when one joins a school. Education also helps one when it comes to decision making. You can differentiate good from bad and make the best choices in life. It is through education that you get to choose a career path that will shape you into the kind of person you want to be in future.

Learning should commence at an early age to make sure your child grows with the right knowledge. You should choose an excellent learning institution, tutors or education facilitators. There are education facilitators who can help you learn for yourself and understand everything. Selecting the best school, from kindergarten to college level will guarantee you a quality education.

One thing you should look out for is the facilities available.learning Make sure they have the right facilities for your learning. This can be a modern and updated library or the best classes. There must also be a good learning environment. All this will play a crucial role in your learning and helping you become a better person. Quality education is vital for your knowledge. Here are the characteristics of quality education you should know.

Teaching Procedures

One thing that defines quality education in any learning institution is the teaching methods used. The teaching methodologies used should help one understand what they are taught better. Getting teachers or trainers who have the right training will help students understand everything taught. Teachers should be given the right teaching content and make sure their students understand everything taught.

Regular Assessment

Carrying out regular assessments helps one gauge their level of understanding on a specific unit or the different things they have covered. This can be in the form of continuous assessment tests or a regular exam. Assignments should also be given out for evaluation purposes. All this will help gauge one’s level of understanding.

Teaching Curriculum

The kind of curriculum used in a specific institution or educationeducation system helps determine the quality of education. Learning institutions are advised to implement alternative strategies that will promote a better understanding among students instead of only following the curriculums stated by the respective governments or bodies in charge of education in the specific countries. This will guarantee one quality education.

The Importance of Chemistry Tuition

Chemistry as a subject is like digging the water well for the students who are not much into scientific reactions. They tend to inflict fear in the discipline as if it is a monster. However, chemistry is a mere subject that needs proper reading and analyzing of facts. One can achieve all he wants with a choice.

If you choose to pass, you will work hard in achieving your goals. Students cannot complete the whole task on their own. They need tutors besides their class teachers. Tutors can help a student by agreeing with the parent for chemistry tuition. You may doubt what a tutor can do, but here are some of the important things you should know.

Learning is Intense

BeakersAcquiring knowledge in the class full of students can be overwhelming since you have many friends at your side. There is a specific period for completing the syllabus reducing the time per lessons. In this case, students tend to relax and wait for the last minute. The examination time. You can escape all of these scenarios with chemistry tuition. If you have, a problem in this get chemistry tuition and see the results.

You get to learn more because you are few students and the teacher targets your weakness first. The tutor tries to understand your area of dimness and focuses more on helping you improve. You will visit the chemistry lab more frequently and learn every aspect.

Increase of Focus

The more the tutor simplifies things, the more you get to decide. Your focus narrows down to what was disturbing you initially, and you get to win. Every topic becomes easy since you can tackle it from a different perspective. You do not listen to diminishing words anymore.

Instead, you have a choice of addressing the loose ends and fixing everything to the top. Having a one on one conversation with the teacher motivates you to see chemistry as eating a snack. In chemistry tuition, you do not have access to your school friends thus the opportunity to ask many questions without any fear.

Change of Mentality

In school, people have different motives. Some are smart while others are jokers. You only choose a side to join depending on people you hang out with every day. The jokers most of the time tend to associate themselves with critics. They criticize teachers and subjects including chemistry.

When you attend chemistry tuition, you will undoubtedly change your thinking. You will start seeing those lies from far. The tutor is a professional who will assist you to improve your thoughts about chemistry.


ChemistryOne of the last things you would expect from this is networking. However, if you are keen on people, you will try to build a connection. Everyone has a talent and mind you beyond chemistry and finishing high school, and there is still life.

Getting to know your colleagues might save you the worries in the future. If you are struggling with chemistry, choose not to because the solution is a phone call away. Call a chemistry tutor.

The Top 4 Benefits of PPA Cover

It is essential to understand that professional and diverse primary school PPA cover is the central core activity that is available in most primary schools across the world. Even though schools are unique, it is essential to understand that with this cover, most students can learn a lot of important things that can bring a change to their future life.

There are various PPA providers out there who work in partnership with different high education institutes. teachingDue to this reason, most teachers can now look for specialized and trained experts who can offer quality teaching services to their students.

With PPA cover, there are many benefits most institutes can get. That is why it is advisable for most schools to practice this activity if they intend to raise standards in other subjects. Teachers are asked to be careful when choosing the best PPA cover providers. The following are some of the benefits of PPA cover.

1. Quality Assured Specialists

It is true that most PPA providers have partnered with other different institutes to provide the quality workforce. Therefore, as a school manager, once you have decided to look for a PPA cover provider, ensure that you consider only those that have partnered with several high education institutes.

With professional PPA providers, then be assured to receive expert subject knowledge, teaching qualifications and extra coaching. With these services, your students will be at a proper position of improving in their studies.

2. Consistency and Reliability

Child development is one of the major stages that should be considered by most parents. When you are considering this stage, the significance of consistency is essential. That is why you need to rely on PPA cover because it will help your students and your school at large. Reliability and flexibility are the two significant aspects you will get from a professional PPA provider such as Junior Jam.

3. Paperwork

It is crucial as a teacher to ensure that your PPA cover is in concurrence with the progression, continuity and the curriculum of the school. By doing this, the providers will be familiar with other various schemes of work, and therefore their methods will enable to monitor the students throughout the year.

4. Subject Specialists

students learningWhen you are running a school, it is true that whenever different specialists come to your school, then they have a positive effect on the standards. That is why it is essential to consider Junior Jam’s PPA Cover because they have experienced experts specialized in various PPA cover subjects. Therefore, with their services, both the teachers and students will develop knowledge and expertise in various physical activities.

All you need to know about RPL assessment

RPL assessment is often confused by many people. People tend to think that taking RPL assessment is going back to school and studying what you already know. The truth is an RPL assessment is not studying what you know all over again. The main aim of an RPL assessment is to define and boost the skills that you already know. The best thing about an RPL assessment is the fact that you don’t need to go back to school for training.

What do you need?

For a successful RPL assessment, you need to be ready with all the materials that will be used as evidence. The assessment is based on the skills that you already have so it is important to show that you already have the skills that are needed. For the evidence to be seen as genuine, you need to have referees who will ascertain and approve your work experience. All these will be used at the end of the day to determine your qualification for the RPL assessment.


What is gap training?

There are instances where the applicant may not be able to provide all the evidence that is necessary for the RPL certification to be awarded. In this case, there is a gap training offered to compensate for the missing skills. Just like the name suggests, the work of the gap training is to offer some short training to compensate for the lack of skills. By the end of the gap training, a full RPL certification can now be offered to the applicant.

graduation hat and certificate

Is an RPL assessment the same as college?

No. an RPL assessment is not the same as going to college. You can take the RPL assessment while doing other jobs. You don’t have to take a break from work even when taking the gap training. You can take the course online at your pace. The best thing with an RPL assessment is the fact that it is cheap and you it doesn’t take much of your time. This is a nationally accepted certification, and it will move your career to the next level.

Facts To Know When Choosing A Nursery School For Your Kid

Taking your child to school is a parental responsibility. It is important to take your child to the best preschool since the quality of their academic foundation is determined by the education they get when they are young. Every parent’s dreams of having a successful child. However, only a well-rounded individual can keep up with the dynamics of modern life. Therefore, it is important to take your kid to Wandsworth Nursery. Mushrooming of nursery schools makes the process of picking the right one for your child challenging. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a nursery school for your kid.

Physical developmentcheerleader

It is important for a child to develop physically. This forms a critical part of their development. As such, when looking for a school, it is important to look at the schools playing facilities. A good nursery school should have ample space for children to move around and play. You also need to look at the school curriculum and see whether it gives kids some time to play and interact with each other.

Emotional development

Nursery education should make the child emotional and rational. As such, the curriculum of the school should provide room for the children to share their valuables. The teacher should also reinforce this. In case of any conflicts, the teacher should adopt an open mind, and discourage re-occurrence of such conflicts.

Mental development

Nursery education plays a critical role in a child’s development. Some children are naturally sharp and tend to learn with ease. However, there are those that take longer to understand. A kid that is somewhat slow requires some patience and encouragement them to learn. As such, only an experienced and devoted teacher can have the patience and skill to ensure every kid learns.

Psychological development

pencil The school should offer an atmosphere for a sound mental development of a child. As such, the facility should be clean, neat and peaceful. With a conducive environment, children can develop their mental capabilities. Moreover, the school should be in a position to provide them with some basic exposure to arouse their interests.

In any school, a teacher acts a mentor to the kids. One can never limit what the teacher can learn from the kid. Therefore, you should look for a school with well-trained and experienced teachers. This way, you can be sure that your child has the right role model and that they are taught easily and effectively.

Importance Of Early Childhood Education

It is important to note that education is essential. It commences with early childhood education. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the parents to ensure that their kids receive pre-school education in a well facilitate and established school like the nursery school Wandsworth. Brain development takes place within six years. This, therefore, tells you that your children need and they are ready to learn. Therefore, the parents are required to stay with their kids and also to encourage them always. Regardless of their age, make sure that you encourage them always.

It is essential also to note that working with your kid will create a strong bond between you and your child. If you start working with your child at an early stage, this will mean that your bond will stay throughout your child’s formal education. Since early childhood encompasses for the first six to eight years, make sure that you work with your children always. The following therefore are some of the importance of early childhood education.

Early childhood education

Understanding child developmentkid in preschool

This is one of the reasons why you are required to start early childhood education. Therefore, make sure that you know some of the key areas of development your child undergoes. If therefore you need to understand the child’s development, make sure that you recommend early childhood. If you do not know some of the areas of development, then it is advisable to prefer early childhood education.


It is essential to note that respect is one of the life-long development processes. Therefore, you need to ensure that you prefer early childhood education because your children will grow with respect. However, this is one of the latest core strength that you need to develop. Therefore, ensure that your children respect other children and make sure that they do not shy from other people who seem to be different.


This is another reason why you need to prefer early childhood education. Self-regulation is referred as the capacity that enables one to think before they act. However, little children are not perfect in this state. They learn some of these skills as they continue growing. That is if they are guided properly.


This is another reason why you need to recommend early childhood education. This is one of the great core that is the state of harmonizing. Also, some describe it as the ability to recognize the interests, values, needs, and strengths of others. It begins in the early childhood. Therefore, a normal kid will recognize that he is a boy or she is a girl. Attunement, therefore, will help your kid see some of the similarities than differences.


young child After your kid has developed a core strength of attunement, he or she will be able to learn the differences that are involved in their daily activities. Your children will, therefore, develop an awareness that will enable him or her unite people. It is essential also to note that tolerance will depend on the strength of attunement. These, therefore, are some of the importance of early childhood education.

Why choose the best preschool for your child?

Selecting a preschool for your child can be a daunting task especially if you are doing it for the first time. Regardless of the qualities you are looking for in an elementary school, it is important to start making early preparations. Finchley Nursery is one educational institution that you should consider when looking for a preschool for your child. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to choose the best preschool for your child.

Focus on reading

building blocks

If you settle on a good school, then you will be rest assured that they will concentrate more on teaching early literacy skill which is necessary for your child. Additionally, they will always know when a child is ready for schooling and wouldn’t have to push any child into early literacy if they think that they aren’t ready. If children are pushed too soon, then they might end up getting turned off to reading, and this is an attitude that stays with them for a long time.

A creative and developmental workspace

A good school understands the need for developing the children literally and socially. That’s why most preschools will have controlled or open minded projects that allow the kids to partake different activities with the same materials. The children will not only have the chance to work cooperatively, but they will have a lot of time for fantasy and dramatic play.

A superb working environment

Children can develop and get creative if they learn in an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and this includes the size of the classes and the teacher-child ratio. A good elementary school will have a  1:3 or 1:4 adult to child ratio which is highly favorable especially in developing the kids when they are still young.

Effective communication channel

Every parent wants to know how their children are fairing on at school and good elementary schools will always have a streamlined channel of communication. This is achieved through the provision of a weekly or monthly newsletter or regular email updates. Emails are most useful given that parents have direct access to teachers and this keeps the parents updated on their children’s progress every step of the way.

No worries on schools accreditation

water colors

Whether you have decided to take your child to a private or public school, you will sleep well knowing that the school is fully accredited. Good schools primarily private and daycares will also be certified by other organizations such as the national association of independent schools and the (NAEYC) national association for the young children. With input from such organizations, you will be rest assured that your child is in the right place.

Learning French Via Skype

Learning French one thing that will be helpful is the interaction that you will make and if you will be making the communication in French. The way that you will use the fluent speaker will help out to improve the learning. If you are thinking of a way that you can take the level that you are in French to another level, then you can use the French instructors. And the best online application to use is the skype especially if you have a busy schedule that won’t allow you to attend the classes. And since it’s the fastest way that you can learn French it makes it the best to use. The Skype platform is a great place to take the online courses. Below are reasons why you should consider using Skype when learning French.

Learn pronunciation faster


French learner will face the difficulty of not being able to pronounce the French words correctly, and this is common. Because when pronouncing the French they will be times that you will be expected to pronounce the final constant while some you are not supposed to. When working with someone on Skype then you will be able to pronounce the words faster because you will be learning how they will be doing. When taking the classes use the headphone so that you will be able to hear every single word and ensure that the place you are taking the class in there is minimal destruction or no destruction at all.

More flexible

When taking the French classes then you have to work with the schedule no matter how hard it will be for you but when you use Skype to learn French, then you will have the chance to plan your schedule. You will have the opportunity to handle something else without the class having to intervene with your daily schedule. Just make sure that the time is suitable also to the instructor so that they don’t drag you behind if they fail to attend the Skype sections.

Multiple teachers

man on laptop

When using Skype then you will not be limited to the option of using only one teacher. Every teacher will have a different style that they will use to ensure that the students get what they are being taught, so when you use different teacher, it will mean that you will be able to know exactly what will work for you. Because everyone has something that will make them understand more. And having different teacher will give you a chance of choosing one that you feel can fit the style that you have of learning French fast.


How To Choose The Right Football Academy For Your Child

For a parent who has a child with a natural skill and ability in football, they may want to grow and nurture their talent. These would be by enrolling them in a football academy. A football academy is a facility that is set up where an individual can develop their soccer skill. It is thought of as a training school, where students learn and improve in their skill. If you are a parent and want your child to enroll in a football academy, how do you choose the right one? Below is a guide.

Choosing The Right Football Academy


Considering the location of the sports academy facility is essential. There are two types of football academies, those that one can attend on daily or scheduled days and those that require one to have residency. It is essential to determine what work best then to search for an academy that will for that need. Football academies are located in various countries, and football is an international sport that brings peokids playing footballple of different nations together. And each academy based in the different country will provide an opportunity for the child to experience, learn a new culture and meet new people. The kids football academy Croydon is one center that presents this opportunity for any parent who wants to enroll their child in a football academy.


If one is considering having a residential academy that offers boarding facilities, then it is essential to find out about the kind of accommodation facilities they offer. The boarding facility needs to be well resourced for a sports student, with a comfortable sleeping area, and with the needed amenities. Academies that have this type of training have a program and schedule that require the kids to be in the institution.

The training

It is essential to find out the type and level of training that is provided in the academy. Some academies focus on intense and rigorous training to shape a kid to a soccer star while others may focus on team building and group dynamics. The levels of training and fitness will depend on where the child is on their skill development. Find a program that best suits the needs of your child. Also, have a look at the facility, how is the pitch, the training equipment, does it look well managed or is it run down.


cost and dollarsInquire on the cost. Different academies will vary in price. This could be due to different reasons from the experience of the coach, the location, residence or nonresidence and the reputation of the academy. Thus find one that best suits your need and your pocket.

Guide To Selecting A Good Girls School

The right school can make the difference in a child’s success in academics. A good school will help your child learn both academically and in their social skills. The teachers working together with the parent will ensure that the child’s academic goals are achieved and ensure your child gets the best. In a good environment, the child will thrive in a bad environment the child will deteriorate. It is thus important to careful select a good school where your child will learn. Below is a guide to selecting a good girls school.

Selecting A Good Girls School

Determine your needsstudents

It is important to assess and consider your needs as you begin looking for a school. What are the needs of your child, does she need a more structured environment or a less structured one. Does she need individual attention, independent education or an environment that encourages creativity? What is her learning style, is she logical or artistic, does she learn by seeing and feeling or reading by themselves or does she like to listen as she is taught.

Search for a school

Once you access your needs, then you can begin to look for schools that can meet these need. Search for schools in your area. Consider the location. Do you want a school that is a walking distance from home, if it is a school that is a bit far how far away are you willing your child to be bused? Talk to friends, family, and neighbors about schools that they may recommend. Do also an online search and gather names of schools around your area that you can visit and get more information.

Gather information

When looking for a school for your girl, it is important to gather as much information as investigate about the potential school you are considering. Make phone calls, collect materials about the schools, attend parent fairs and school open days.

Find out about the curriculum offered what the core academic subjects and additional subjects offered. Are their extracurricular activities and programs being offered like sports and clubs? What is the approach to learning and teaching, how does the school assess students? What is the evidence of student effectively learning? Are the teachers trained and qualified to educate. Also, find out what the school does to develop character.

Facilities and services

student at library What facilities does the school have? Do they have a well-stocked library for the students to read and do research? What are the meals offered in the cafeteria are they nutritious and well balanced. Finally is there an on-duty nurse.

Visit the school ask questions, get as much information as you can and access the culture. Once you find a school that meets your needs then admit and enroll your girl.

FAQs On Nursery Schools For Kids

Most parents can’t wait for their kids to begin school. And the first schools that kids may have to attend are nursery schools. The choice of a nursery school can be very tedious, as parents are usually worried about the future of their kids and always seek to give them a good education. You can choose wandsworth nursery today for your kids. The anxiety of the process of selecting these schools usually lead to certain questions being raised by these parents and are usually directed at the prospective nursery schools. These questions are usually wide-ranging, but we shall examine five of the frequently asked questions on nursery school for kids.

FAQs on nursery schools for kids

At what age can my child start nursery school?

The answer to this question is that nursery schools accept kids from the age of 2 years. So if your child is less than two years old, you might have to keep him at home for some time. The age could also depend on whether the kid is to attend evening or morning school in the nursery. Most nurseries require the kid to be at least three years for afternoon school.

nursery toys

Does my kid need to attend nursery every day?

The answer is NO. Nursery school is not compulsory. But you should know that for most schools, the tuition is the same regardless of how regularly the kid attends. Also, it is advised that the child’s attendance is not random and fluctuating. Even if it is going to be three times a week, it would be best to make it three consecutive days or space them evenly so that learning can be effective.

How flexible are the hours?

Most nurseries run a highly flexible schedule. There are usually two sessions a day. The morning session usually begins by 9 and ends by 12. One is free to drop off the child at any time during any of these sessions, and no fines are usually paid for lateness even though punctuality is strongly advised.

How do I monitor my child’s progress?

Well, there is always a way to monitor your child’s progress. But each nursery school has its method. Most, however, usually provide a written evaluation of your child’s performance for the year. Others might always require you to meet with the teachers from time to time.

preschool kid

Is my kid going to be fed at the nursery?

Most nurseries offer snacks to the nursery kids and ensure that there is always water and milk. But it’s best to support your kid with lunch packs. However, this feeding may attract an extra cost.