Qualities Needed for an Executive Protection Job

It is a good-paying job, even if it does not require you to have a college diploma. But to become a security guard, you must have the necessary training required. Some agencies may also hire only those with related experience but only upon doing background checks.

Being in an executive protection job is the usual choice of men and women who, in one way or the other, did not realize their dream to be in the military or the police. It is also a better choice than having to be idle or doing manual works. So if you are young and is eager to be productive and provide for your family, becoming a security guard can be a viable option.

But first, you must not have any criminal records and must possess the following characteristics to have a greater chance of becoming security personnel.

Willingness to Train

You must have the necessary skills expected of security personnel. You can only gain the skills you need if you attend training and do your best to excel in whatever they teach you. It will be hard for you to be hired if you are not confident about what you learned from the training you attended.

Excellent Observation Skills

It helps if you are physically and mentally alert to be taking notes on what is happening around you. You should know what is unusual from the usual. When you do, you will be ever ready for anything that can happen in a situation.

Leadership Potentials

Ideal security personnel should know when to step up and take a leader’s role in a particular situation. He should also bear in mind that he belongs to an agency, which means he should know how to work and mingle with his co-workers. When he is assigned to a client, he should adjust to his new environment.

Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills are always required when applying for a job. This is because you need to work with other people in your workplace. In the case of security personnel, communication skills are crucial during emergencies where you have to relay every vital information to your client, agency, and the police if needed.


This a very important aspect when agencies hire security personnel because of the nature of their work. Security personnel may be asked to do overtime, or change of shifts may also happen anytime. He should even know how to adjust to different clients because he will not have the same client all the time.


Just like everywhere else, honesty is the best policy. You should be trustworthy. This does not only include finances and records, but you should do what is expected for you to do in any situation. Love your work and be committed to doing what is right, and you will have a lasting career ahead of you.



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