Role of Biotechnology in Medicine

Biotechnology has many applications in agriculture, medicine, and environment. For instance, it is used in medicine to treat and diagnose different diseases. This has given people an opportunity of protecting themselves from various diseases and ailments. Various techniques including recombinant DNA technology, polymerase chain reaction, gene therapy have been introduced in this field, all of which are helpful in replacing the damaged cells and inserting healthy and new genes. The following are the applications of biotech which play an important role in medicine.

Gene Therapy

This is one of the useful techniques used in diagnosing and treating diseases like Parkinson’s diseases and cancer. With this technique, the healthy genes are used to replace or destroy the damaged cells. The healthy genes are helpful in correcting the genetic information thereby improving the functionality of the body.
gene therapy


Biotechnology techniques are helpful in developing biopharmaceutical drugs. With this technique, microorganisms are used to develop new drugs. This has, in turn, played an important role in minimizing the use of drugs produced from chemicals. Large protein molecules are used as the main sources of biopharmaceuticals. Scientists have been using this technique to make drugs for treating conditions such as heart diseases, cancer, and hepatitis.

The bioreactor is one of the best methods for developing these drugs. This is a special container which is used for growing microorganisms under specific temperatures and other conditions. These are the microorganisms that make biopharmaceuticals. Genetically modified animals and plants are also used in making biopharmaceuticals, but there are some legal and ethical issues regarding these plants and chemicals.drugs

Genetic Testing

This is another biotechnology technique that is used for determining genetic diseases in sex, parents, and carrier screening. It involves the use of DNA probes that have sequences similar to those of mutated sequences. Genetic testing is also helpful in testing the child’s paternity and identifying criminals.


Pharmacogenomics is a genetically modified technique that is used in studying a person’s genetic information. It works by analyzing the response of the body to certain drugs. It combines both genomics and pharmaceuticals. The main aim of pharmacogenomics is developing drugs that can be inserted in people according to their genetic information.

Other Medical Advancements in Biotechnology

  • Fighting tooth decay- Decay fighting microbes are used to fight tooth decay.
  • Splitting the cancerous cells- Special sensors are used in splitting the cancerous cells.