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Should You Let Your Child Play the Piano? What Are The Benefits?

Children’s brain develops much quicker than an adult. By the age of three, children’s brains can fire up to 15.000 connections per neuron, making their brains twice as active as an adult’s brain, thus helping them arrive at logical conclusions and solve problems much quicker than the average adults. Many parents noticed that their child is gifted and wants the best to help their brains develop even further.

Happy Child

One way to enrich your child’s cognitive abilities is by enrolling them in piano classes like Cristofori, a piano class singapore-based that has helped 80.000 parents enrich their child’s life with musical talents. Many parents have visions of their children achieving milestones in life and be successful, but the path to success is filled with challenges, and one’s child must be equipped with the proper life skills and training to achieve great heights, and playing the piano can benefit them.

So, what are the benefits of playing the piano for children? Let’s find out below:

The Piano Can Make Your Child Smarter

It doesn’t take much to learn how to play the piano, but being good at it needs years of dedication and hours of practice. It is no secret that playing any instrument can help develop cognitive abilities even if you are ripe with age. Playing the piano nonetheless is an effective way to keep your child’s brain active and sharp! Since playing the instrument requires the creative aspect of the left brain and the logical aspect of the right brain to work together to produce musical harmonies; naturally, your child will benefit much from their piano lessons, i.e., memory skills, problem-solving skills, logical, analytical thinking, language skills, and so on.

The Piano Can Make Your Child Creative

A creative child can be considered a god among men these days because social media and electronics are rotting children’s brains and turning them into lazy “unproductives”. Creativity is hard to come by, and it can be valued highly by the world. Do you know that a creative and original idea is worth billions of dollars? Take a look at Amazon, Apple, or Facebook and how they started with a creative idea to where they are at now in life! Not only that the piano can give your child logical thinking, but it can also provide your child with creativity and imagination to develop their ideas and be original in life! It truly is a wonderful life skill to have!

The Piano Can Improve Your Child’s Motor Skills


Some have exaggerated that playing the piano requires octopus’ limbs to be proficient. That is a testament to the difficulties of playing the piano since you would have to multitask by looking at the notes and signaling your hand to play them. Your child can benefit a lot from prominent motor skills as they grow and learn intuitively to be a successful and functioning member of society!

Playing the piano requires hand-eye-coordination, multitasking, and patience, but most importantly, is having the willingness to learn. You can help your child by setting them off on the path to musical greatness by introducing them to a piano teacher!